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The Wine Thief

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What We Value:

  1. Taking the path of elevation- Food and Wine should be approachable, flavorful and accessible.
  2. Variety is to live- Provide wine enthusiasts one of the largest sit-down wine programs in the area that includes by the sip, the glass, and the bottle.
  3. Grow deep roots- To exist within the community is not good enough. Being an asset to the community and being a supportive member will be demonstrated not by our words, but by our actions.

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Stay tuned for news on our opening day!

Construction On The Wine Thief Begins In Frankfort

The Wine Thief, 6 Elwood St., will be a full-service restaurant with wine available by the bottle, glass and at self-service wine stations. There will also be draft beer served, as well as carry-out wine sales.

The business shared on its Facebook that it has signed with Vernon Development and Construction. The Wine Thief also used design plans from Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd.