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About Us

 The Wine Thief is the blossom of our passion for food, wine and gathering with friends and family. We will offer cuisine that is inspired by the rhythms of the seasons; matched by wines from across the spectrum of growing regions in the U.S. and the world. Our location will be nestled in Historic Downtown Frankfort, Illinois. The opening is planned for Spring 2020. 

Our Story

Why Bistro and Specialty Wines?

Wine has been a significant part of cultures far and wide since 8,000 B.C. It is widely believed that the Greeks started the tradition of gathering, crushing, and fermenting grapes. As time moved forward, Europeans refined the process and used traditional methods that encouraged hearty lineages of grapevine varieties, creating wines with complex tasting notes reflective of the region. The flavors of these Old World wines have personality and complement the foods in those regions. The New World wine making movement brought science, evolution of technique, and an open-mindedness that allowed wine makers to produce consistent tasting wines that the wine drinking community could rely on year in and year out. Winemaking techniques, wine flavor profiles, and how we enjoy wine continues to evolve. The Wine Thief Group is excited to create a place for the casual wine drinker and ardent enthusiasts to gather, explore and enjoy.


What We Offer

100+ Wines

Our Level I Sommelier will be composing an extensive collection of wines to enjoy in the bistro. Our guests will be able to choose from a wide range of varietals, regions, and vinification styles.

Seasonal Menu

Our menu fuses seasonally-inspired ingredients with new spins on classic dishes and original creations that will bring you a unique and flavorful dining experience.

Charcuterie + Cheese

Craft a custom charcuterie board from a selection of locally-sourced meats and cheeses with house-made accompaniments. Our staff can also help you compose a board and a perfect wine pairing to go with it!

Coming Spring 2020 to

Historic Downtown Frankfort.


Where our roots are planted.


6 Elwood Street

Frankfort, IL 60423